The farm

The small town of Bacedasco Alto, near Piacenza, is the home of Azienda Agricola Enrico Loschi, a history of passion and dedication inherited by Enrico from his father Adelmo.
The Winery, even if it has maintained unchanged the original choice to produce wines with grapes only from its own vineyards harvested by hand, over the years, has modernized and improved the processing techniques, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.
The widest part of the company consists of 20 acres of land, 12 of which are vineyards, located between Bacedasco Alto and Castell'Arquato, (Ca' Poveri) at about 200 meters above the sea level. Here lies the true heart of the company and here starts the quality of the products.

Besides Ca' Poveri there are also some small vineyards where we grow older vine varieties, varieties now hardly found elsewhere. Like, for example, a vineyard at the end of an isolated medieval village called Vassalli, once part of the Castle of Vigoleno.
The vineyards, located in the lands of fossils of Piacenza, were implanted by choosing varieties, clones and rootstocks, based on the variable very type of terrain.
Where the soil is predominantly sandy there are vineyards with fragrant grapes like Malvasia, Moscato, Pinot Noir and a part of Barbera and Bonarda used for the production of Gutturnio.
But where the composition of the soil has a higher percentage of clay we grow Barbera and Croatina, suitable for a future aging of the wine.
The vineyards of Ortrugo, however, have been planted where the soil is a medium-textured of clay, silt and sand.
All these special attentions, together with the effort, tenacity and experience gained year after year in various works in the vineyard, allow us to produce DOC (di origine controllata - of certified origin) grapes of excellent quality, an essential requisite to obtain high quality wines.
A common feature is the sunny position, combined with strong exposure with slopes in some cases higher than 30%.
The annual production is about sixty thousand bottles sold to restaurants, taverns, wine bars, but also to small consumers who appreciate the authentic scent of these hills.
Enrico produces DOC wines, always faithful to the tradition of his land, and he welcomes everyone to visit his company and to taste his great wines.