H e r o i c v i n e y a r d s


When I heard about law 238, the so-called “Unique Text” of vine and wine, which at article n. 7 provided for the recognition of heroic and historical vineyards, I hurried to present request of membership to this category, given the slope of our vineyards greater than 30%.

My company has been the first in Emilia-Romagna to obtain the heroism of its vineyards, but in my area other companies could to the same.

This way, under the municipality of Castell’Arquato, a micro-area with high landscape, agronomic and cultural values would born.


We are in the Piacenziano area, in the soil of fossils, of the gullies. The landscape is unique, composed of gullies, meadows and woods. The heroic vineyards offer an high wine-tourism potential.

Agronomically the soil presents a great variability of clay, sand and silt.

We analyze the soil before to build the new plants and  we choice the best rootstock and clone for the new vines shoots.

Oenologically the wines are getting more and more interest: the sandly soil is more suitable for the grapes that will make sparkling wines, the clayey one allow us to have grapes suitable for future still wines, reserve wine, Vin Santo, even for high grades, but always fine and elegant and harmonic.

Standing that we are in places at hydrogeological risk is important to adopt the best solutions in order to avoid the soil runoff, creating furrows that convey rainwater in the event of impetuous storms and maintaining the inter-row grassing in the vineyards.