O u r v i n e y a r d s


T h e i m p o r t a n c e o f t h e s o i l

Our vineyards are located inside the Geological Nature Reserve of Piacenziano, a reserve located in the municipalities of Carpaneto, Castell’Arquato, Gropparello, Lugagnano Val d’Arda and Vernasca.

It has an extension of more than 300 hecters, distributed in 9 areas, located in the valleys of Chero, Ongina, Arda, Chiavenna and Vezzeno.

In particular, we are located within the area of the Arda stream near Castell’Arquato, in an area deeply embedded between very steep walls.

The walls are marked by marine deposits- lake fromwhich emerge fossils that document the retreat of the sea from these areas and the climatic deterioration that culminated 1.8 milion years ago with the arrival in the Mediterranean of organisms suitable for cold temperature.

A b u n d a n t f o s s i l r i c h n e s s

The exceptional wealth of fossils in these areas, already known to Leonardo Da vinci, (he left his memories in the Leicester code), induced the researchers to use the term Piano Piacenziano (in reference to Piacenza city), coined by the swiss geologist Karl Mayer in the 1858, with which it is now indicated the period of hystory between 3,5 e 2,5 milion of years ago fa (Pylocene age, Last period of the Tertiary era.

The vineyards, located in these soils, they have been planted by choosing the qualities, the clones and the rootstocks, depending on the type of soil, very variable.

Malvasia, Moscato, Pinot Nero and a part of Barbera and Bonarda.

Where the soils has one of the highest sandy percentages there are the vineyards with the more fragrant grapes: Malvasia, Moscato, Pinot Nero and a part of Barbera and Bonarda used for the prodution of sparkling Gutturnio.

Barbera and Croatina

Where the soil composition presents one of the higher percentages of clay there are vineyards of Barbera and Croatina suitable for an ageing wine.


The vineyards of Ortrugo, instead, have been planted where the soils is medium dough of clay, silty and sand.

vini DOC

P r o d u c i n g h i g h - q u a l i t y w i n e

As well as Cà Poveri there are also some small and old  vineyards, of lost quality;  this is the case of a vineyard located at the end of a remote medieval village, named as Vassalli once employed by Castello di Vigoleno.

Attention to details, respect for the territory, commitment, tenacity and experience  gained after years, allow us to produce DOC grapes of excellent value, necessary to obtain high quality wines.


All these peculiarities and care, combined with dedication, tenacity, and years of experience in vineyard operations, allow us to produce high-quality DOC grapes necessary for crafting exceptional wines.

A common characteristic of our vineyards is their particularly sunny position, coupled with steep slopes reaching gradients of over 30%.